We are mainly focusing on project and management support service as well as technical of this service to provide the industry with experienced personnel in all stage of project management, administrative, procurement and the construction. We are dedicated to provide experienced Engineers and technicians those who are familiar with Operation Standards, Codes, Safety rules and regulations as well as who provides full support to our clients and contractors in Engineering support, Design & Drafting, Modification, expansions and maintenance schedules etc. In line with the above, we hereby listed certain area of our service where we can provide most competitive and well experienced personnel:-

  • Project Management team
  • Construction Management team
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Welding Engineers, Inspectors
  • Mechanical Engineers / Supervisors
  • Painting Coating Engineers/inspectors
  • Planning, Scheduling Engineers
  • Architects, Civil, Structural Engineers
  • NDT Inspectors, technicians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineers
  • HVAC Engineers & Technicians
  • Designers & Draftsman
  • Administrative Professionals
  • IT Engineers, programmers, Developers

  •     Pursue excellence and integrity in work     and client/contractor relationships.
  •     Commit absolutely to maintaining the      highest degree of honesty and ethical      standards.
  •     Develop lasting business    relationships with our client based on    the utmost respect for individuals.

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